Ready to take your business to the SIX-FIGURE level?

Let's talk about you…

You're a leader.

You take action.

You don't make excuses.

When people see you, they think, “That guy's successful.”

And you are successful,  even if sometimes you don't feel that way.  You're always working to improve yourself. But for whatever reason, you haven't been able to get your business to the six-figure mark quite yet.

The RED 3X Club is for people like you.

This isn't the lowest-common-denominator “business coaching” designed for any amateur with a website. We don't want everybody to be part of this, because most people aren't ready to work at this level.

But maybe you are…

And if you're ready for results–to see your business profits explode–we'll help you get there. Period.

One more thing…

The membership in RED 3X is secret, like Fight Club. We'll never mention publicly that you're part of it or try to take credit for your success. This is about you, not us.

How We'll Work With You:

  • personalized, one-on-one business help
  • group masterminding
  • accountability
  • goal setting and action

What You'll Achieve:

  • getting out of your own way
  • real connections with other high-level entrepreneurs
  • impact and success
  • more income

This is high-level stuff. We're going to go deep and you'll be held accountable.

Sound good?

How to Apply for RED 3X

This group is currently invitation only, but if you haven't received a personal invitation yet, you can apply by following these steps…

1. Fill out this application.

2. We’ll review your answers and make sure we’re all on the same page and able to help you.

3. We’ll contact you about setting up a free call to discuss your situation. This is where we’ll find out if you’re a good fit for what we’re doing.

Thanks for your interest in RED 3X.