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Spread Your Message. Attract A Following. Rise Above The Noise.

The focus of RED Podcast is to help you reach, expand, and develop your audience. If you're a blogger, podcaster, speaker, or person with a message to spread, who wants more impact, influence, and income, RED Podcast is for you.

You'll learn how to take your work and make a name for yourself using direct marketing and media, with topics that include…

  • how to build trust and rapport with customers (both online and offline)
  • book publishing as a marketing tool
  • podcasting for authority and influence

RED Podcast isn’t about fads, tricks, or hacks — it’s about implementing time-tested marketing strategies that really work and will explode your income.

Meet Your Hosts

David Hooper

Although best known for his work in the music business, since 1995, David Hooper has done marketing work in various media industries including film and television, book publishing, and radio. His specialty is helping “creative entrepreneurs” spread their messages, build audiences, and make more money with their ideas.

David is an audience development expert known worldwide for his marketing expertise and is the author of seven marketing-related books. His book Six-Figure Musician is considered a music marketing classic.

David writes on the subject of marketing and how to build and grow a successful personality-based business at 23 Hours. He writes on the subject of media and podcasting at Big Podcast. You may contact him directly via Twitter.

Laurel Staples (Host Emeritus)

Laurel StaplesLaurel Staples is a respected business coach and the founder of ProCoach—a marketing training company for coaches, consultants, and other client-based business owners who want both long-term business success as well as an enjoyable life outside work.

In 2007, Laurel grew sick of the corporate world and quit her job as mechanical engineer to develop and launch a series of retail clothing stores specializing in eco-friendly fashion. Her entrepreneurial journey ultimately led her away from the world of retail and into coaching, working with entrepreneurs to create a positive impact in the world.

Laurel can be contacted directly through ProCoach. You can also reach out to her directly via Twitter.

Episodes of RED Podcast featuring Laurel can be found here.

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