RED 003: Is a Premium Domain Name Worth The Investment?

are premium domains worth the investment?Laurel has a client who wants to spend $3500 on a domain.

RED Podcast is new and we need a great domain too.

Should you come out of the gate swinging by purchasing a great domain name or simple go with what you can find for the standard $10/year fee?

On this episode we talk about the pros and cons of “premium” domain names…

In This Episode:

  • Do domain names matter anymore?
  • How much is a good domain name worth?
  • Should you wait until your business is going well to invest in a domain name or get one when you first start?
  • The one thing that matters more than a great domain name…
  • Why it can be a good thing when somebody else owns the domain you want…

Links To Things We Talk About:

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