RED 006: The Day Laurel Quit…

laurel staples quit her jobLaurel used to work as a mechanical engineer. Her job was designing color laser printers.

But she didn't thrive in a corporate world. In fact, she was miserable.

Some people live their entire lives like this. She decided not to.

In this episode, Laurel tells the story of quitting the corporate world (for good), her first post-job business venture, and how she finally found success without working for somebody else.

In This Episode:

  • Who not to associate with when you're working  a job.
  • The first thing you must do when you decide to quit your job.
  • Why she didn't give a two-week notice to her boss.
  • Advice for somebody getting ready to quit a job.
  • Why you should start your own business now, even if you're not ready to quit your job.

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