RED 010: How To Give a Kick Ass Interview

Feature-image10The products and services you offer won't just sell themselves. If you want to make real money with your business, it helps if you're able to do a good interview that both entertains people and gets your point across.

You never know when you'll have the opportunity to be interviewed about what you're doing. When it happens, you want to be ready…

This episode of RED Podcast talks about what you can do to make the most of interview situations, whether in person, via Skype, or via telephone.

In This Episode:

  • The #1 thing to remember when being interviewed
  • Why Laurel always says yes to being interviewed (except the one time when she didn't)
  • The reason Laurel will stop in the middle of an interview
  • Questions to ask the host interviewing you beforehand
  • Why you should always show up early
  • An “improv” rule that will make your interviews flow better
  • The reason we keep RED Podcast clean (many people do this, so you need to know)
  • Things that make you sound like an amateur…
  • The “advantage” of Eastern time
  • Two questions to ask the host before he starts asking you questions
  • An assumption you should always make
  • Something you should never do during an interview
  • What to do after the interview is over

Links To Things We Talk About:

A Non-Interview Opportunity For You…

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