RED 011: How To Be A Great Podcast Host

Feature-image11On the previous episode, we talked about how to give a good interview. This episode talks about the flipside — how you can be a great podcast (or radio) host.

Are you nervous when interviewing people? Are the guests you're interviewing nervous?

How do you get the answers you're seeking? How much research should you do ahead of time?

Are there any questions you shouldn't ask?

In This Episode:

  • The big problem with daily podcasts…
  • How to stay out of the “interview podcast” cesspool
  • What Seth Godin said about David's interviewing skills…
  • David's “attorney” trick — do this before you start your interview
  • Questions you should never ask a guest
  • When it's ok to interview the same people everybody else is interviewing
  • Why David looks for when reviewing a guest book (or product)
  • How Laurel does a pre-interview”with podcast guests
  • How David does a pre-interview with radio guests
  • The questions David asks during a pre-interview
  • What David does to relax nervous guests
  • A pre-interview problem you should be aware of — not doing this might kill a good episode
  • How to control a guest who goes off on a tangent
  • David's 3-step show outline
  • The one thing you must have for every interview
  • What you should do after an interview

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