RED 014: Quality or Quantity? Can You Have Both?

Feature-image14This episode celebrated a milestone for RED Podcast — our first listener question.

Well, not the first, but it's the first one we're answering on the podcast…

The topic is product creation. Specifically, it's about whether it's better to expand what you're doing into multiple markets or go really deep in a single market.

Have a question about building your business? The quickest way to get it to us is via Twitter at @davidhooper or @laurelstaples.

In This Episode:

  • Why you must diversify everything (if you want to stay in business)
  • How to increase the chance your product will be successful and make money
  • Is one “hit” product enough? Sometimes
  • How to set yourself up as an expert (without going to school forever)
  • The reason David had 800 web sites (for a while)
  • One way to make money selling Kindle books (and a lesson any entrepreneur can learn from it)
  • A Google horror story (don't let it happen to you)

Links To Things We Talk About:

We Prefer Quality, But We Also Need Quantity…

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