RED 017: Getting Your Wife (Or Husband) On Board

Feature-image17Steven wants to quit his job, but hasn't talked to his wife about it. On this episode we talk about how to approach critical business conversations with a spouse (or other family members).

If you're thinking about quitting your job to pursue a life of self-employment, this is an episode you won't want to miss.

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In This Episode:

  • The first step in getting your husband or wife on board when you want to quit your job
  • Why your path may mean separation (or divorce) from your partner
  • The myth of job stability
  • How to get your husband or wife on board for any business project
  • What self-employed people know that “employees” don't
  • This will go a long way in getting your partner to trust you…
  • Why too much money in the bank is a bad thing
  • The worst case scenario — will it happen?
  • How to get your parents to accept you're quitting your job
  • Why your family and friends may never understand what you're doing

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