RED 018: How To Get A Meeting

Feature-image18More and more business is being done online, but even if you run a business that is 100% online, you'll still benefit by in-person meetings.

What can you do to connect with busy people? How do you get their attention?

And once you have a meeting scheduled, what can you do to make sure things go off without a hitch?

We talk about these things are more on this episode of the RED podcast…

In This Episode:

  • How to leave a phone message that gets returned
  • The one thing you should never ask when approaching somebody for a business deal
  • A way to use Twitter to get a meeting with somebody
  • What to say when somebody tells you “I only have 15 minutes…”
  • Why to never do a meeting over 60 minutes long
  • How to handle a meeting that starts late
  • What to text before meeting a new person
  • Who should pay for food and drinks during a meeting?
  • When it's good to pay people for their time
  • A good reason to go “old school” when taking notes during a meeting
  • Why you should wear a watch during meetings (even if your phone has a clock)
  • How to ruin a meeting (don't do this)

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