RED 019: What Your Customers Are REALLY Buying

Feature-image19Everybody is selling something. But what is your customer really buying?

Don't kid yourself. Nobody really cares about a “six-month coaching plan” or “book.” And nobody cares about RED Podcast.

People want what coaching, books, and podcasts can do for them. It's that way with everything and why some people make a ton of money doing the “exact same thing” others are barely making a living with.

Once you figure this out, your sales will go through the roof.

On this episode, we talk about what people really want and how to give it to them…

In This Episode:

  • Why nobody is buying your product
  • Why nobody is buying your service
  • The real difference between Harvard and your local community college
  • A trick from Oprah you can use to make more money
  • Something you can charge a lot of money for (even though it only exists in your customers' minds)
  • How an overweight guy like Dr. Phil can sell weight loss advice

Links To Things We Talk About:

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