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Jul 4, 2014

Napoleon Hills "Fourth Step Toward Riches" in his classic book Think And Grow Rich (get the audio book free with Audible trial) is "Specialized Knowledge."

Today, many people are giving this knowledge away for free via blogs, podcasts, and online newsletters.

So how do you make money with what you know? That's what this episode of RED Podcast is about...


What You'll Learn:

  • Why selling your knowledge is the absolute best business to get into
  • A step you should never skip when creating a new product (or writing a new book)
  • The best reason to work one-on-one with clients (even if you think you're above it)
  • A business longevity lesson from a gay dance band
  • Why "group programs" are better for your clients than working with you one-on-one (and may be more profitable for you)
  • The only 3 options for selling your information -- smart business owners use all three
  • The best selling point for a "group program"