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Jul 7, 2014

If there's one thing entrepreneurs are full of, it's ideas. I once heard that the average entrepreneur has a "million-dollar idea" three times per year.

Unfortunately, not all ideas are that good.

And perhaps even worse, even fewer ideas have any action behind them...

How do you know if an idea of worth pursuing? That's the topic of this episode of the RED Podcast...

What You'll Learn:

  • How to turn a "mediocre" idea into a big winner
  • A 3-step "filter" to determine if your idea if any good
  • Why a casino won't work in Nashville
  • Something more important than "the market" for your product...
  • A warning for people changing the "low-hanging fruits" in business
  • The importance of research before jumping in (and how to do it)
  • One of the only jobs where gender discrimination is legal
  • Why you should start small with your idea (and when to go big)