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Aug 2, 2014

Laurel and I just got back from an event on masterminds. While there, we met a lot of people, one of whom gave us the idea for this episode.

He was a book editor.

And he could have had a month of work from Laurel had he played his cards right.

But he didn't.

Why? Bad first impression.

All of us have screwed up first impressions. This episode will give you some tools to make sure you never do it again...

What You'll Learn:

  • The question you need to know the answer to before going into a "networking" situation
  • The questions you need to ask when you meet somebody new
  • Two ways to tailor your opening "pitch"
  • Why you should exclude people in networking events (and how to do it)
  • What new people want to know about you (and what they don't care about)
  • Always do this before sharing your knowledge...
  • Two ways to offer value when you meet somebody
  • The great marketing advice Laurel received but didn't take (and why she didn't take it)
  • Why network marketing guys almost never succeed...
  • How David does followup -- this works like gangbusters when making new connections
  • A way to keep relationships fresh...even old ones
  • The best way to make people think about you (in a completely non-sexual way that there is absolutely nothing weird about)
  • An "unwritten rule" that is good to follow when meeting somebody new

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