RED 035: How To Combat Isolation And Loneliness

Feature-image35The next time you log in Facebook, take a look at all your millennial entrepreneur buddies… Those guys always seem to be doing really cool stuff, like jumping out of planes, hanging out overseas, and otherwise being “epic.”

Of course, that's all BS. Sure, some people actually do those things, but the reality is that the business of entrepreneurship is often solo pursuit — you have to do the work. And that means “being epic” doesn't happen as much as some folks would have you think.

How to you keep yourself from being isolated and feeling lonely? That's the kind of stuff we talk about on this episode of the RED Podcast…

In This Episode:

  • What happens when you never leave the house…
  • Why David got in trouble in high school — and why he liked the punishment
  • The business advice David got from an old guy (it has nothing do with actual business)
  • How Laurel runs her mastermind group
  • Advice if you're looking for an office or co-working space…
  • Where you can go if you don't have money for an office
  • Three good reasons to set up in-person meetings (and what to do if nobody is in your area)
  • How to reach out to people (five ways to do it and why you should do them all)
  • A good reason to get off Facebook
  • Why we don't talk about “tricks” on this podcast

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