RED 049: How to Give a Successful Workshop or Seminar – Part 2

Feature-image49Did you listen to Part 1? Good. Now that you’ve got your workshop planned, what’t the next step?


Making sure people show up.

And making sure you give a memorable presentation that will help you meet your goals of selling product and getting more business.

On this episode of RED Podcast, we more about how you can have a successful workshop or seminar…

In This Episode:

  • How to get other people to talk up your event
  • The reason reason people will attend your event
  • What people expect from a workshop
  • These things will make people more likely to show up
  • A “musician” trick that will double the people who attend your event
  • Giveaways and how to use them effectively to fill more seats
  • Different ways to use “scarcity”
  • The dirty secret of the workshop business
  • The way to combat distractions that normally keep people away
  • Partnerships that will help your event to be more successful
  • Be aware of this type of promotion (it will bring people, but it may not bring the people you want)
  • How to practice for your workshop
  • Your workshop “flight check” (what you need on it and why it’s important)
  • Want people to pay attention to what you’re saying? Start your workshop with one of these…
  • How to overcome a skeptical audience
  • Want to sell people something? Here’s how to approach things…

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