RED 052: How To Make Money With A Book – Part 1

Feature-image52Everybody and his brother is an “author” these days. Thanks, Kindle!

But most books suck. And even worse, even if you've got a great book, it's unlikely that you'll sell a lot of copies.

The numbers aren't pretty. Most non-fiction, business books sell less than 5000 copies.


But never fear… There is still a ton of money to be made in the book business!

On this episode of RED Podcast, we talk all about how you can use a book to make money…

In This Episode:

  • What do to about the diminishing price of books…
  • How to make money with backend products
  • No backend? We'll show you how to make money with upsells…
  • A way to send your send your book that will almost guarantee it gets looked at
  • Should you give your book away for free?
  • “Overpricing” your book — when and how to do it
  • Selling 1000 books at a time — it's easy when you know how to do it (and we'll show you how)
  • How I did a single deal for 80,000 audio books
  • The first step to take if you want to sell books by the truckload
  • Why a bank approached me about licensing a book I wrote for musicians (and how you can have something similar happen)
  • A reason why “Good Morning America” and other major press outlets don't matter when it comes to your book's success

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