RED 060: Write A Book In Six Weeks

Feature-image60Hell yes you want to write a book…

But admit it — you're scared!

You also know how long it's going to take, which is a long time.

Or is it?

On this episode of RED Podcast, we talk about a book that tells you how to write your first draft in just six weeks. Can it be done? Listen and find out…

In This Episode:

  • A trick from morning radio DJs… (it has nothing to do with books, but you need to know it)
  • How to sleep more soundly (so you have energy to write your book)
  • Avoid this when writing your first draft (or any draft)
  • The way to bust through the “hard parts” of writing your book
  • Why most people don't start the book they want to write
  • No time? Here's what to do about that…
  • What to do when “The Bitch” rears her ugly head
  • The most difficult part of writing a book
  • Why David walked away from a major book publishing deal (and why you may want to skip a “book deal” all together)
  • Do this if you want to get more writing done
  • Not quite ready to start your book? Here's what you should start right now…
  • Should you “skip around” when writing your book? Maybe…
  • Why “pressure” to write your book is good (and how to put pressure on yourself)
  • A good reason to let people know what you're writing (before you write it)
  • How Laurel keeps on track when writing — you can use this method too!

Links To Things We Talk About:

Thinking About Writing A Book? Write This First…

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