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Oct 15, 2014

This is Part 2 of a two-part series on how to quit your day job. Part 1 is here.

If you’re thinking of quitting your day job, this episode of RED Podcast has some ways to make it as smooth as possible…

What You'll Learn:

  • Why David quit 26 jobs (and why one only lasted two hours)
  • Easy ways to create a professional presence (even if you still have a day job)
  • How Laurel can instantly tell if somebody is a professional or a hobbyist...
  • A way your wife (or your husband) can really screw up your business
  • How much business cards at Vistaprint actually cost (even if you get them "free")
  • What a business card from Vistaprint says about your business
  • Why you don't need a business phone line (but why you should have one)
  • Want to pay more money for everything you buy? Do this...
  • Business lessons from Laurel's "secret project"
  • Why we screw up explaining our own businesses (and how to fix this)
  • Have somebody who doesn't understand your business? Here's a way to fix that...
  • Something you want to start practicing ASAP...
  • This skill will help you with your personal relationship (and we'll show you how to practice it)
  • You don't want to be that guy...
  • A good reason to burn a bridge

Links To Things We Talk About:

Help Somebody Quit A Day Job Doing This...

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