RED 068: How To Establish (And Maintain) A Business Relationship

Feature-image68Want to get connected to somebody in your industry? This is the episode for you…

We talk about ways to establish and maintain good business connections. You'll learn how to establish trust quickly and keep people from people skeptical when you first reach out to them.

This is our final episode with the “split studio” setup where we're in two different locations. In honor of that, we kept the editing a bit looser than normal when the UPS guy interrupted our recording with his delivery.

Ironically, he was delivering the final components of our brand new studio, which is where we'll be recording RED Podcast from now on.

In This Episode:

  • Want to get connected with a specific person? Ask yourself this question…
  • How to get a response from the people you reach out to
  • What to “research” before contacting people
  • The best way to “shortcut” your learning curve (at anything)
  • A good way to meet experts who can help you
  • Laurel's “rule” for making connections with people (you can start this on a new connection right now)
  • The “Bone” and how it works
  • If you're trying to reach out to people, here are some things to keep in mind…
  • Why David never answers the phone
  • A likely reason why you're not getting responses from people you reach out to
  • How to relieve skepticism in people you make contact with
  • The best way to be annoying to people

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