RED 069: How To Get More Customers (And Keep Them)

Feature-image69Want more customers? Want to keep current customers coming back again and again?

This is the episode for you! We give you several ideas you can “steal” to start getting more customers today.

In This Episode:

  • This will guarantee your new business succeeds…
  • The best way to come up with good ideas for a business (or a new invention)
  • How big should your market be?
  • Starting a new business? Here's the first thing you should do…
  • Two ways to give customer testimonials (the second one makes the first 10x more powerful)
  • The best way to guarantee your product or service
  • If you don't have this down, nobody will come back
  • You can't lose with this…
  • A good way to show customers you appreciate them

Links To Things We Talk About:

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