RED 075: Guest Post Secrets

Feature-image75Need more traffic? Need more people on your mailing list?

You should write a few guest posts… If you do it right, you'll see big results in a short amount of time and with little effort.

In this episode , we show you have to have success writing and publishing guest posts…

In This Episode:

  • The foundation of a good guest post (you must have this to get published)
  • Before you write a single line of a guest post, you must do this
  • Looking for web traffic? Go here.
  • Does “Alexa Rank” matter? Sometimes.
  • Can anybody write for
  • Looking for blogs that accept guest posts? Search for these four terms (but not at once)
  • How do you know if a blog is worthy of your guest post?
  • The best way to find good sites to run your guest post
  • A “backdoor” that can get your post on and Huffington Post
  • Why people don't accept guest posts (and how to get around this)
  • Examples of crap posts that you should avoid copying
  • This will (almost) make up for poor quality content (and you need it even if you can write well)
  • How to craft a “byline” that will make you money
  • The two best ways to connect with popular bloggers

Links To Things We Talk About:

Before You Write Your Next Guest Post, Try Writing This…

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