RED 076: How To Have a Successful Business Partnership

Feature-image76Laurel has a new company. Have we mentioned that?

Only about a million times… We called it Project X until yesterday, when it was revealed to be a skincare company called Love Your Face.

It’s not just Laurel — it’s a partnership of her and a skincare expert named Kate.

So on this episode of RED Podcast, we’re revisiting the topic of how to have a successful business partnership…

In This Episode:

  • The scariest part of doing a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter
  • How long should your Kickstarter (or other crowdfunding) campaign be?
  • A way to know if you’re a good “fit” to work with somebody (or vice versa)
  • The first rule to follow when creating (or maintaining) a partnership
  • Should you work with your family? (Sometimes)
  • Why you can’t be sure your new business partner is worth anything (and how to go into a partnership anyway)
  • How to get on the same page with your partner (before you go into business together)
  • Do you really need a business partner? Here’s how to tell…
  • “Big picture” guy? You need this.
  • What “control freaks” need to know
  • A way to avoid micromanaging (or being micromanaged)
  • Dividing tasks — how to do it
  • Why you need a written contract (and how to approach getting one if you haven’t already done it)

Links To Things We Talk About:

Partner With Your Friends By Doing This…

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