RED 079: Get Better Connected In Your Industry

Feature-image79Laurel has a new company. Have we mentioned that?

Only about a million times… We called it Project X until yesterday, when it was revealed to be a skincare company called Love Your Face.

It's not just Laurel — it's a partnership of her and a skincare expert named Kate.

So on this episode of RED Podcast, we're revisiting the topic of how to have a successful business partnership…

In This Episode:

  • If you want to meet people in your industry (of another industry), this is the first thing you should do…
  • How to get a meeting with people
  • A good way to repel people from talking to you at parties and conference-style events (don't do this)
  • Why you own success can make you lazy when it comes to making connections
  • How to approach “gurus” in your industry — and why they want this to happen
  • Quality or quantity?
  • Rejection and how to deal with it
  • When you meet somebody “weird” at a conference, this is probably why…
  • How to make people care when you talk to them
  • New to an industry and have no experience? No problem!
  • Why big wigs want to work with you
  • A networking lesson from Facebook
  • How to determine who you want to connect with
  • 3 qualities you want to have (so people will want to connect with you)

Links To Things We Talk About:

Connect With People By Doing This…

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