RED 080: How To Get Press For Your Business


You've got a new business (or an old one). You're thinking, “I'd be in great shape if people only knew about what I'm doing…”

Maybe. So let's find out.

If you're looking to get the attention of press and media people, it's probably not as hard as you think. With some basic knowledge about what writers and reporters are looking for, you'll be able to get the media coverage you want. And that's what we walk about on this episode of RED Podcast…

In This Episode:

  • Why the press isn't contacting you for a story (and how to fix this)
  • Local vs. national media – how to approach each in a way that works
  • Don't approach a podcast like this (it happens to us all the time)
  • How reporters come up with good stories (and how you can help them)
  • 5 reasons the media will care about what you're doing (it's even better if you give them more them one at a time)
  • What's hot on Kickstarter right now (and why)
  • Different ways to pitch your company (without changing anything about the company itself)
  • A sneaky marketing secret from a boy band
  • The power of current events (and how to take advantage of them)
  • A good reason why you shouldn't waste time on big people (like Oprah)
  • Why “weird” wins when approaching media
  • A marketing lesson from a right-wing gun enthusiast
  • How to start a conversation with reporters and other people in the media
  • What reporters really want (it's not just a good story)
  • The pros and cons of sending a press release
  • A good reason to start your promotion campaign with smaller media outlets

Links To Things We Talk About:

The Type Of Press We're Looking For…

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