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Nov 19, 2014

Feature-image81They don't teach you this stuff in school, even if you're paying $100,000 for an "entrepreneurship" degree.

Those degrees are pretty much pointless by the way. You'd be much better off spending that money on starting a business, because that's how you learn what really works.

Can't do that? RED Podcast is the next best thing. And in this episode, we talk about the "rules" successful entrepreneurs need to know...

What You'll Learn:

  • The big problem with affiliate marketing (this has literally bankrupted people)
  • Rule #1 - Never forget this
  • Can you make money with network marketing? Maybe. But here's a good reason to stay away...
  • How to go from $20,000/month to zero (in just one day)
  • Do you really want to get productive? Try this trick...
  • The common thread among all successful entrepreneurs
  • Why you should (almost) never answer your phone
  • The only reason you should listen to somebody's opinion (in business)
  • How much is a Facebook "like" really worth?
  • The type of people you need to focus on
  • What a successful Kickstarter campaign really looks like

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