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Nov 21, 2014

We're back with more stuff they don't teach you in school -- especially in those $100,000 "entrepreneur" programs colleges are offering now.

This is the real, time-tested stuff that successful entrepreneurs know and review on a regular basis.

In this episode of RED Podcast, we talk about the "rules" you better live by...or else.

What You'll Learn:

  • The "empty store" problem -- Are you suffering from it?
  • Why "bad ideas" get funded by investors (and how you can use this trick to get investment for your idea)
  • Is there a "best time" to release a new product? Yes...
  • Authors screw this up all the time (and it's a huge mistake)
  • A marketing lesson from a flight attendant
  • What Laurel learned at "backpacking camp" (and how it applies to your business)
  • The social media time suck
  • Should you fire you customers?
  • Ello? A good reason not to use it.
  • Why the guy with 5000 friends on Facebook is having problems...
  • A trick authors use to get attention for their books -- you can use this to get attention for your social media posts (or anything else)
  • The best way to edit your blog posts (and emails)
  • Should you listen to the feedback you're getting? Only when this comes with it...
  • What happens when you listen to feedback (it's not what you think and it's not pretty)
  • The big problem with being the "cool" boss
  • For the love of god, please don't do this...
  • A huge screw up from a guy making $20,000/month online (and something you should never do)
  • Did you read the last bulletpoint? Good, because that's something that really pisses me off and you need to know about it!
  • Why we edit RED Podcast (and a good reason for you to edit your work)

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