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Dec 3, 2014

Feature-image87The game is won or lost in the last few minutes and nowhere is that more true than in the game of selling.

Way too many entrepreneurs get 99% to the finish line only to back off at the last minute, losing everything they've been working for. All that hard work down the drain... 

Don't be one of those guys. You're working hard on your business, your writing, your podcast, and your presence -- finish the job by making your offer with confidence.

How to sell with confidence is what we're talking about on this episode of RED Podcast...

What You'll Learn:

  • What all high-level entrepreneurs have in common
  • How Laurel uses her engineering background to handle complicated products
  • If Laurel had to start over again, this would happen...
  • The big problem all entrepreneurs face (and how to work around it)
  • Self-sabotage in sales
  • Why most "coaches" are broke (and a fix for this)
  • A reason why failure in business is good
  • Selling advice from David's mother
  • Somebody not buying? This is the reason why...
  • What some idiot said to Laurel (HINT: you want to avoid this)
  • Why David doesn't namedrop famous clients
  • The type of confidence you want to have (and an example of how to let people know you have it)
  • How to break in to a new market
  • A template for a kick ass elevator speech (with examples)
  • The simple and easy way to make sure your next product is successful
  • Why Papa John's doesn't sell hamburgers
  • A business lesson from good-looking criminals

Links To Things We Talk About:

It Takes Confidence To Do This...

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