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Dec 6, 2014

Feature-image88Right now, somebody is getting a lot more money doing the exact same thing you're doing.


In this episode of RED Podcast, we talk about what it takes for you to get the most money for your products and services...

What You'll Learn:

  • Why some people get $1000 for the same thing somebody else is charging $25 for.
  • A "formula" for getting more money for your consulting (or coaching)
  • How competitive should your price be? We'll tell you...
  • The worst type of customers you can help (yet so many people go after them...)
  • Vistaprint -- another reason to hate it
  • Never listen to clients (in this situation)
  • Does your competition really matter?
  • The real price of "free" -- most people miss this entirely
  • 3 numbers you need to know
  • Pricing lessons from a voiceover artist
  • The value of going backwards
  • How our lawn guy charges money for a "free" service
  • You'll lose every time this happens...
  • The exact wording to use when letting people know you charge a premium price
  • Pricing secrets from a used car dealer
  • How to know when you should raise your prices
  • A big pricing mistake made by our wedding photographer
  • This is how much you should charge
  • Are you running a business or a hobby?
  • Stupid podcast mistakes...

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