RED 091: How To Create High-Dollar Products

Feature-image91We've had a lot of requests to talk about the process of creating high-dollar products and coaching programs. As an influencer, it's great to have books that sell for a few bucks or a podcast people can listen to for free, but the real money often comes from being able to charge $1000 or more per pop.

But how?

Glad you asked, because creating high-dollar products and services is exactly what we're talking about in this episode of RED Podcast…

In This Episode:

  • Why RED Podcast is only about 25 minutes (even though we have DAYS worth of content)
  • What people listening to your podcast (or reading your book) will remember about it
  • Where most content creators (and probably you) and going astray when coming up with new content
  • The “Cheesecake Factory” approach
  • It's not what you think it is (and how to find out the truth)
  • Yet another reason why you shouldn't make assumptions…
  • How to prepare for writing a book (so you can be sure what you're writing will sell)
  • The one thing you absolutely need to know about your audience (not knowing this can make a good product fail)
  • Is the reason your product isn't selling because of a marketing issue?
  • Questions to ask yourself before you start a coaching program
  • Want to bump sales within a certain time period? We have the solution…
  • 3 questions you need to ask yourself before setting prices
  • The quickest way to get burnt out — are you doing this?
  • Should you have a “signature” product?
  • New coaching program? Try this before going big with it…

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