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Dec 18, 2014

Feature-image94Everybody wants a shortcut -- especially when it comes to success.

Is college or higher education the shortcut you're looking for? What about coaching or specialized training?

On this episode, we talk about the pros and cons of higher education and give you one, surefire way to make sure you learn what you need...

What You'll Learn:

  • What schools are really selling...
  • How the world works (and what people actually pay money for)
  • The truth about grades
  • Why playing with "Monopoly Money" is stupid
  • Can entrepreneurship be taught in school?
  • A good reason to skip school (and how to spend the money you save)
  • Are schools a business or a community service?
  • Why the guy who made you coffee this morning has a college degree...
  • Where to get "real world" entrepreneurship education (even if you're in college)

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