RED 101: How To Start (And Maintain) A Successful Podcast

Feature-image101It seems like everybody wants to start a podcast these days…

And it's easy to start one, but will it be successful?

This episode of RED Podcast is all about that…

In This Episode:

  • Why most podcast fade away (and even fewer succeed)
  • How podcasting can hurt your business (and actually repel customers)
  • A reason not to copy “hot” podcasts (even if they're getting tons of downloads)
  • The top reason podcasts fail (or don't have any listeners)
  • Serial — why it works (and why this format won't work for most podcasts)
  • Where to look for good podcast ideas (HINT: it's probably not where you're looking now)
  • Two things to think about before you start a podcast
  • Why we start every episode of RED Podcast with “personal” stuff (and how you can use this technique to grow your podcast)
  • The point of every episode of RED Podcast (and hopefully your podcast)
  • A podcasting lesson from food trucks
  • Blog Talk Radio — the good, the bad, and the ugly

Links To Things We Talk About:

Help RED Maintain A Successful Podcast…

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