RED 107: How To Build Strong Business Relationships

Feature-image107Things in business go faster and easier when you know good people. But how do you meet these people?

Perhaps more importantly… How do you really connect with them and build strong relationships?

That's what this episode of RED Podcast is all about.

In This Episode:

  • Want to connect with great people? Here's the first thing you need to do…
  • How to get people to say yes to your requests
  • The criteria for picking people for a mastermind group
  • Why you should (almost always) be the dumbest guy in the room
  • Never ever do this when reaching out to somebody
  • One thing mentors want from you (if you don't do this, your relationship will die)
  • Does the person you want to meet with only have 15 minutes? Here's what to do…
  • What does an “equal” relationship look like?
  • If you want to meet some great people, this should be a constant activity…
  • Using Uber to connect with people
  • Why Twitter is great to connect with people (and how to do it)
  • How people get money from investors without a business plan
  • A “secret ninja trick” to upgrade a personal (or business) relationship
  • This sounds manipulative to some people — it's not

Links To Things We Talk About:

This Is A Good Excuse To Reach Out To People…

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