RED 111: Robert Herjavec’s 10 Rules for Entrepreneur Success – Part 2

Feature-image111Robert Herjavec is seen weekly on ABC's Shark Tank. For the first six seasons, he was seen on a similar CBC show, Dragons' Den. He's the author of Driven: How to Succeed in Business and in Life and The Will To Win: Leading, Competing, Succeeding.

In a CBC interview Herjavec shared 10 rules for entrepreneurs. In this episode of RED Podcast, we discuss five of them. For the other five, listen to RED 110.

In This Episode:

  • Why glass desks aren't good for business (or maybe they are)
  • How building a good business is like training for a marathon
  • The way most people get successful (or famous)
  • All sorts of BS that David Letterman has had to deal with…
  • What to do when you get fat
  • The basis for any successful business (regardless of what that business sells)
  • Marketing lessons for cigarette companies
  • A bad habit from Dave Ramsey… (this isn't a good way to live)
  • The truth about work/life balance (and why some people don't want it)
  • Maybe you should take more vacations…
  • Can you really sleep for only three hours per night?
  • Why so few companies make it
  • The danger of the “Four-Hour Work Week”

Links To Things We Talk About:

A Good Way To Connect With Other Entrepreneurs…

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