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Feb 9, 2015

Feature-image116Not all testimonials are equal. In fact, some testimonials will actually repel customers.

What makes a great testimonial? How can get you great testimonials for your products quickly? That's what we talk about on this episode of RED Podcast.

And as a bonus, I share a backlinking strategy that will get you dozens of high-quality links to your site with very little effort.

What You'll Learn:

  • If your testimonial has only one thing, is should be this...
  • When it's better to have zero testimonials for your product or service
  • The "format" for good testimonials
  • A quick way to get great testimonials from your clients 
  • Why your testimonials shouldn't be too good
  • Should you pay for good testimonials?
  • Fake testimonials and what you should know about them
  • The time when you don't want any polish...
  • What brings testimonials to life (and helps you sell even more product)
  • My "secret" backlink strategy
  • Why some links are worth 1000x as much as other links
  • These type of testimonials will actually repel customers

Links To Things We Talk About:

Practice Giving A Testimonial...

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