RED 117: Start A Business For $100

Feature-image117Can you start a business for under $100? Yes.

Will it be successful? It can be.

Too many people let money (or lack thereof) keep them from moving forward in business. In this episode of RED Podcast we talk about businesses you can start for under $100…

In This Episode:

  • A lesson from Laurel's first television appearance
  • The common excuse that keeps people from starting a new business
  • 3 options for starting a new business (all of them under $100)
  • The type of work you don't need a brain to do
  • How to make yourself look like a pro with just $20
  • Want to scale your business? Use this model…
  • The real problem with the “old school” book business (it's not what you think)
  • Why an online-only business isn't always the best way to go…
  • A new kind of “elevator pitch”
  • An idea from the movie industry that you should steal (even if your business has nothing to do with entertainment)
  • The reason we don't do business with GoDaddy
  • What you must know about mailing list hosting before you signup
  • Why you should never get business cards from Vistaprint

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