RED 120: How To Market With Social Media (Without Looking Like A Narcissist)

Feature-image120Marketing yourself via social media is a double-edged sword. On one hand, if you don't market yourself, you're going to starve. But on the other, if you market yourself in the wrong way, people will start to ignore you.

Is there a balance? One guy things do. And in this episode, we talk about his “ratio” for effective marketing via social media as well as our thoughts on how to make sure people are listening when you're using it to spread your message…

In This Episode:

  • The thing that screwed up social media for everybody
  • Why conservative people got pissed about an anti-Obama song
  • Have a live event coming up? Don't promote it like this…
  • Should you post something to social media? Here's the “litmus test” to know for sure…
  • Where the line is drawn when it comes to promoting yourself on social media
  • The “perfect ratio” for social media updates
  • How much personal information should you share in your marketing?
  • The most important aspect in your customers' lives
  • A late-90s problem that is still affecting online marketers (and podcasters) today
  • How many times should you post a link on social media?
  • Why I disagree with Guy Kawasaki
  • Twitter – how long does a “tweet” last?

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