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Mar 2, 2015

Feature-image125Have you ever thought of an idea and decided not to pursue it, only to see it being done by somebody else (and making a lot of money) a few months later?

It happens.

On this episode of RED Podcast, we talk about how ways to make sure you have a good idea before you put a lot of time, money, and energy into it...

What You'll Learn:

  • How to evaluate your business idea
  • This company raised $163,000 for a toy for girls...
  • The "terrible idea" now worth ONE BILLION dollars
  • Using crowdfunding to test new business ideas
  • Business lessons we learned from helping to launch a restaurant
  • Bad posture? Try this invention...
  • An invention that is helping prisoners (and possibly people like you) to better relax
  • How to sell your "good idea"
  • The "failed" business idea that raised $16,000,000 the second time around

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