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Apr 15, 2015

Feature-image144Jia Jiang was terrified of asking for money to fund his company and being rejected. His solution to this problem was 100 days of "rejection therapy."

Fear of rejection is a common problem. And if you suffer from it, listen up because Jia has a solution...

Links To Things We Talk About:

  • How to say "no" to people (and not feel like a jerk)
  • The two types of people in the world 
  • Can people smell fear of rejection?
  • If somebody rejects your first request, do this and you'll have a better shot of getting a "yes" when you ask again later...
  • A different perfective on "no"
  • The "perfect" rejection and how you can use it yourself
  • When you get rejected, you need to do this...
  • How a box of doughnuts changed Jia's career
  • The scary part about releasing a book (or any big project)
  • Why "rejection therapy" is so powerful for getting what you want in business and life 
  • How many things are you missing out on because you don't ask?
  • The first thing most people do when they get rejected (and why you should avoid this)

Links To Things We Talk About:

Don't Reject This Request...

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