RED 145: How To Stand Out With Dorie Clark

Feature-image145Feel like you're getting lost in the noise of social media and business? Listen up…

Forbes named Dorie Clark one of “25 Professional Networking Experts to Watch.” She has a brand new book called Stand Out: How to Find Your Breakthrough Idea and Build a Following Around It and this is exactly what we talk about on this episode of RED Podcast…

What You’ll Learn:

  • Is the term “thought leader” just an ego stroke?
  • Why potential clients lie (and how to find out what's really going on)
  • The reason you're not getting the business you want
  • How to come up with a “breakthrough” idea
  • The importance of sustained reflection
  • Why you're not innovating
  • The one thing you need to come up with a good idea (it's not time)
  • What to do once you have a good idea
  • How to build a following
  • Why people feel trapped (and how to know when it's time to move on to something new)
  • The three-step process to spread ideas
  • One-to-one idea transmission (and why it's important)
  • Sharing your work with others (even when it's scary)
  • What makes an idea “catch fire”
  • Are you talking about yourself too much?
  • Why books (and ideas) sell
  • Starting from the bottom
  • How to start a movement
  • Playing the edges in life and business
  • Where innovation comes from
  • Pushing your ideas through (and moving things forward)
  • Two questions to ask when you want to get results
  • Reinvention and why it's so scary
  • Do you really want to go to work on Monday morning?
  • How to figure out your current “brand” (and strengths that you can build upon)
  • Creating a vision
  • Getting a book deal

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