RED 156: Make More Money (In Your Current Business)

Feature-image156I know a dude who charges (and gets) $2000 for something being sold elsewhere for about $50. And the people who buy from him (and pay all that extra money) know this.

How can he charge such a premium price? And why are people so willing to pay it?

Perhaps a better question… How can you raise your prices and make more money doing basically the same thing you're doing now?

On this episode, I talk about why people get paid big money. And I show you exactly how to do it…

In This Episode:

  • The first thing you need to do if you want to make more money [4:20]
  • Miley Cyrus EXPOSED (and the business lesson you can learn from her)
  • Does “talent” matter when it comes to making money? [6:15]
  • Where people trying to make more money get screwed up… [6:37]
  • Have a podcast? This will get you… [7:16]
  • Why most bloggers don't get any attention [7:26]
  • The game-changing business lesson from an Adam Sandler movie [8:08]
  • Fly a lot? Have you seen this business? If so, you should study it if you want to make more money… [8:36]
  • Why this guy can charge a customer $30,000 when most other people in his business have problems getting $150… [9:51]
  • One of the world's top DJs (who isn't really a DJ, in my opinion) — why she gets paid more for a single gig than most DJs make all year
  • Should a rock star read classical literature? This guy doesn't think so…
  • The secret all influencers know [12:30]
  • What people really want from you (and your business) [13:00]
  • You owe it to your customers to do this, so don't cut corners here…
  • This sums up the whole episode [13:45]
  • Why FOX News hires idiots and pays them tons of money (Conservative? Relax… CNN does it too.)
  • A marketing secret that put Pat Flynn on the map and helps make him around $100,000 each month (You can do the same thing, by the way) [15:52]
  • Beer [16:30]
  • Your best opportunity to make a name for yourself using social media
  • More on why Pat Flynn is making so much money… [19:47]
  • How to one-up Pat Flynn's income report (and get a ton of traffic to your website) [20:35]
  • Why so many tweens look like Taylor Swift [21:46]
  • Small things to make you look interesting on social media [23:59]
  • What a “purple cow” really looks like [24:33]
  • How to show people you're working hard
  • A dead guy who helps sell hotel rooms [25:58]
  • Mike Tyson (and MC Hammer) had a real problem with this… (but you can take advantage of it to build your business) [26:32]
  • The marketing secret behind Apple's iPod [27:19]
  • How to look cool to your friends — the only real downside is you'll increase your chances of getting mugged
  • One reason why people want Google Fiber (and another marketing strategy you can use to increase interest in your product)
  • Why I don't want everybody to listen to this podcast [29:00]
  • How big money is made (if you listen to only one part of this episode, listen to this part) [29:32]
  • What are you really selling? [31:59]
  • Have a business question you need answered? [32:44]

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