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Jul 2, 2015

Feature-image159While you were trying to grow a big business online, David Drobny got an account on Twitter to share his hobby with friends.

Just a few years later, he now has a business partner and three interns. His Twitter account has about 50,000 followers, his related website gets millions of views each year, and the guys he's competing with, traditional television and radio, call him when they need the scoop on something.

The "secret" to his success is counterintuitive. In fact, even if you know it, your ego might keep you from actually using it within your business.

What it is? Think small when it comes to your audience.

For David Drobny, this means going local -- really local. His "market" only lives in two Tennessee counties. If you live elsewhere, you're welcome to watch (and plenty of people do), but what he does isn't for you.

Of course, if you are in one of the two counties David talks about, like I am, you're paying attention. And if you're an influencer wanting to learn how good social media is done, you should be paying attention to him also.

That's why David Drobny is in the studio with me for this episode of RED Podcast...

What You’ll Learn:

  • The safest place to be when you get struck by lightning (David knows this firsthand)
  • What your business can learn from a weatherman
  • How to get television stations (and other media outlets) calling you
  • Why "local" is the way to go in business (even if you can reach a worldwide audience)
  • Is Obama a fan? He should be (and here is why)
  • Why the weatherman is often wrong
  • Building your social media following (and influence) by making up new words
  • Getting the attention of "old school" media
  • What to do when you only have "non-original" material to work with
  • Crowdsourcing your audience for new ideas
  • Balancing to-the-minute updates on Twitter with a job and family
  • Why David goes to the office at 4am (sometimes)
  • A good reason not to monetize your website
  • NOT BUSINESS RELATED -- Two things you must do if a bad storm comes through your area (they're not what you think)

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