RED 160: Goals – How To Get Back On Track

Feature-image160We're half way through the year. Most people have fallen off the wagon as far as reaching their goals have you?

It's easy to get off track. Even this podcast is a bit off track right now… So know that, if you're in this situation, I'm right there with you.

On this episode, I share personal stories of losing momentum with goals and how I'm getting things back in order. I've also got a simple three-step process for how you can do the same…

In This Episode:

  • How I've done one habit 5473 days in a row (with the exception of only two days — one after surgery, one because I lost a day traveling internationally)
  • Have a podcast? How to statistically guarantee it will be a success.
  • Why you're screwing up without even knowing it (and how to correct this problem)
  • One thing you must know before you start anything new
  • The “nuclear option” for getting back on track (you probably shouldn't do this, but it's an option if you're really desperate)
  • Too many emails? How to take care of all of them…
  • This kills people who smoke (but can be great for your business)
  • What goes wrong (every time)
  • Why your blog is like The Simpsons
  • The only way to kick ass in business (or anything)
  • Watch out for this — you're always fighting it (sometimes without realizing it)
  • A lesson about product creation from Married With Children
  • My three-step process for getting your goals back on track — you can start this today

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