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Jul 8, 2015

Feature-image161The majority of people are scared to speak in front of an audience. And for good reason... Lots of things can go wrong.

But when you get in front of an audience, lots of things can go right as well. Those who are willing to get on stage to speak have a tremendous advantage over people who don't. Every successful blogger, podcast, author, entrepreneur, and expert has made peace with speaking in public.

Want to improve your public speaking skills? I talked to dozens of professional speakers with advice on how to do just that...

What You'll Learn:

  • Why public speaking gives you the ultimate leverage when spreading your business
  • Four things you must do in the first seven seconds of being on stage -- if you don't, you'll likely lose the respect of your audience
  • A trick from a popular podcast produced by NPR that will help to keep your audience engaged
  • How the bloggers who make the most money are doing it
  • The reason the audience you're speaking to has a short attention span (and what to do about it)
  • What Taylor Swift (and other entertainers) know about effective public speaking
  • The very best thing about public speaking (for business or personal reasons)
  • Why you shouldn't be fooled by "low numbers" in public speaking
  • Everybody loves this speaking trick, yet few people use it
  • A good reason to read The Bible (even if you're not Christian) -- Don't have a Bible? You can use a Quran, too.
  • The three elements of a good speech (or non-fiction book)
  • Why PointPoint slides are usually a bad idea... (and how to make PowerPoint your bitch, if you must use it)
  • A common speaking trick that may be stunting your growth as a great speaker
  • How to appear less nervous (and more human) when speaking on stage
  • Giving a presentation to a live audience? What you can learn from podcasters...

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