RED 164: Not For Everybody

Feature-image164How the hell is Donald Trump the #1 Republican candidate in the 2016 Presidential race? Yeah, he's done well in real estate, but most people think of him as the guy who runs a pretend business with celebrity employees…

It's a great lesson in marketing.

If you want to get this same kind of attention for your business, listen up…

In This Episode:

  • My theory on why Donald Trump has had a mattress line
  • If you're 6'7″ tall (or less), this might be an option for you. Over 6'7″? Sorry…
  • What real estate agents know about pissing on somebody's leg (and calling it rain)
  • A way to state your position that gets results
  • How to compete against a big and powerful company (even when you're small and not-so-powerful)
  • What to do when you don't like the way things are going in your business (or in life — this works in both situations)
  • How to sell a “bug”
  • Do you think people will notice?
  • Why people don't trust marketers (or politicians)
  • Where most of your money comes from

Links To Things I Talk About:

This Isn't For Everybody, But I Hope It's For You…

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