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Aug 6, 2015

Feature-image168Podcast Movement is the world's largest podcasting conference. I just returned from Podcast Movement and on this episode, I give you the good, the bad, and the ugly of what happened. If you're thinking about attending Podcast Movement or want to find out what you really missed, listen up.

What You'll Learn:

  • Was Podcast Movement better than NMX this year?
  • The downside of having an event in Dallas Ft. Worth
  • How to get a cheap ride from the airport
  • Was the venue for Podcast Movement any good?
  • Want to do your own event? What you need to know about presentations
  • NMX had some problems that Podcast Movement didn't...
  • Vegetarian? Trying to eat healthy? What you need to know about Texas
  • Possibly the best thing Podcast Movement did this year (NMX completely ignored this)
  • A great way to start your live event
  • The Academy of Podcasters Awards -- worth it?
  • Speaking to a big room? A potential problem you should know about (and how to handle it)
  • A speaking lesson from Pat Flynn
  • Where the magic happens
  • A "problem" Podcast Movement had last year that wasn't an issue this year
  • 3 types of people at Podcast Movement -- Which one are you?
  • The similarity between some Podcast Movement attendees and 13-year-old girls at a Taylor Swift concert
  • My suggestions for Podcast Movement (and you, if you do a conference or other live event)
  • Never do this if you're hosting a networking event. Never.
  • The 3 types of sessions at Podcast Movement
  • Stuff white guys like
  • The very best presentation at Podcast Movement (and what made it this way)
  • Why you should always play your game (and examples of people who are successfully doing it)
  • The downside of panel discussions
  • Was I in the wrong room?
  • Why I was sorry Glenn Beck canceled (even though I can't stand his politics)
  • Do the people at NPR understand podcasting (and podcasters)?
  • When you see somebody you already know...
  • An upside (and one downside) to Podcast Movement 2016

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