RED 170: You’ll Never Sell Your Company (But You’ll Make A Ton Of Money Anyway)

Feature-image170Life is a double-edged sword.

Those doughnuts you like are making you fat. And sooner or later, the team you love to bet on (or the stock you're investing so much money in) is going to come up short.

Your business is also a double-edged sword. There are ways to have a solid business that provides you with a small and steady income over a long period of time. And there's one way where you can make a ton of money quickly, but it's doubtful your run will last as long (or that you'll be able to sell anything you do to somebody else).

That's the topic of this episode of RED Podcast…

In This Episode:

  • The #1 problem I've had selling a business
  • Good podcasts (and blogs) almost always share this characteristic — add it to what you do to make more money
  • Why “Smart Passive Income” made $143,524.43 last month
  • A marketing lesson from Taylor Swift
  • Donald Trump 2016 – Why he's ahead in the polls right now (this should scare the bejeezus out of you)
  • Why you don't have to be skilled at “business” to succeed at business
  • What to do when you're ready to sell your business and move on
  • The real reason John Lee Dumas doesn't outsource Entrepreneur On Fire
  • Your “secret weapon” to compete with other entrepreneurs (even if they're more well-known than you are)
  • What happens to most “gurus” when they die (it's not pretty)
  • How Dave Ramsey plans to exit his company
  • The harsh realities of hiring somebody to take your place
  • You thought this lady was real? Like Santa Claus and The Easter Bunny, she's pure marketing!
  • Why Bart Simpson has such staying power
  • This company lost 50% of it's employees and some people have no idea — it still makes millions of dollars per year
  • Did Pat Flynn kill off this old school money-making method?
  • You'll have a short career, but you'll make a ton of money

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