RED 172: Podcasting And Your Business – How To Do It Right

Feature-image172When I started RED Podcast, I was coming in with 10 years of working on a radio show with episodes that were also available via podcast.

But I didn't “get” podcasting…

To bring me up to speed, I hired one guy, Dave Jackson from School Of Podcasting. On this episode Dave shares his secrets so you can successfully create your own podcast.

How to do a podcast the right way is what we're talking about on this episode…

In This Episode:

  • A major business advantage of having a podcast (even if nobody listens to it)
  • Why podcasts are better than blogs and email newsletters
  • The biggest driver in your business
  • How consistent does your podcast need to be?
  • When (and where) an audience will start to interact with you and your podcast
  • How to get repeat listeners for your podcast
  • The big difference between reading a blog and listening to a podcast (HINT: Knowing this will change your business)
  • A great reason to have a co-host for your podcast (even if you're comfortable doing it yourself)
  • Is somebody else already doing a podcast on the topic you cover (or want to cover)? Why it doesn't matter…
  • Booking guests for your podcast? How to “win” even when somebody says no to an interview request
  • Building strong relationships through podcasting
  • When people will say yes to interview requests
  • Should everybody have a podcast?
  • How podcasting has helped Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income
  • The type of podcast you absolutely shouldn't start (at least not for business)
  • Why you don't like the sound of your voice (and what you really sound like)
  • Podcasting and car stereos
  • A quick way to come up with ideas for your podcast episodes
  • Why it's pretty hard to make a bad-sounding podcast (and how to make sure you don't do this)
  • Should you script your podcast? The pros and cons…
  • Why podcast advertising is so effective
  • A radio trick to build rapport with your audience
  • How to make the “news” you deliver more entertaining
  • Can a podcast be too personal? How to figure out how much to share (and how much is too much)
  • Are podcasters narcissists? Sometimes…
  • The inspiration for RED Podcast
  • How to make podcasting painless
  • Why your podcast doesn't have to be perfect to be good

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