RED 179: Make More Money With Your Blog — Four Questions To Ask Yourself

Feature-image179A blog isn't a business. A podcast isn't a business. Both can be parts of successful businesses though.

If you've got a blog or podcast you want to make more money with, this is the episode for you. I've got four important questions you should be asking yourself and will show you how to make the money you need with the traffic, listeners, and readers you've already got.

In This Episode:

  • Why most blogs don't make money
  • Are you putting out too much free content on your blog or podcast?
  • A reason not to be the “good guy” in blogging or podcasting
  • Why your mother is a bad role model for your business
  • The “Friend Zone” of business — how it's affecting you and the money you make
  • Robin Hood Syndrome — is it keeping you from a profitable business?
  • Do you really know your audience? Most people don't.
  • The “Cool Selfie” Problem — not very cool…
  • Three ways to really get to know your customers
  • When most “men” start to make real money
  • How to make the numbers work

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