RED 180: The Six Signs of Narcissism

RED 180: The Six Signs of NarcissismIt takes a certain amount of ego and self-esteem to get on stage, write a book, or create a podcast. When it comes to influencing others, this can be a very helpful thing.


Ego and self-esteem can be a double-edged sword for influencers.

That double-edged sword is what this episode of RED Podcast is about…

In This Episode:

  • Are you a narcissist?
  • Is somebody you're working with a narcissist?
  • How many “gurus” (even the atheist ones) are like Born Again Christians
  • Why a “big ego” is good for speakers, podcasters, and bloggers
  • A common reason narcissists don't know they are narcissists
  • How narcissists “drop names” on social media
  • The narcissist guru who screwed up his six-figure business…
  • How narcissism bites you in the ass at business events
  • The 6 Signs of Narcissism — do you have one (or more) of these?
  • How to spot a narcissist on Facebook
  • A relationship secret known by successful musicians (and other entertainers) that will help you have a long business career
  • People Magazine and narcissism
  • The 3 different types of narcissism — one is actually very good to have
  • How we get better at business (and as people)
  • A “dangerous” type of narcissism that will make you go broke

Links To Things I Talk About:

Help Your Narcissist Friends (And Non-Narcissist Friends) Make More Money…

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