RED 186: Pat Flynn’s New Book — Will It Fly?

RED 186: Pat Flynn's New Book -- Will It Fly?Pat Flynn is best known for his Smart Passive Income blog (and related online content), which allows him to bring in over $100,000 every month.

In just a couple of months, he's unleashing something new — a book.

You want to watch this launch. And that's why I've got Pat on this episode of RED Podcast…

In This Episode:

  • Will your idea make money? Before you think about that, think about this first…
  • Why Pat waited so long to write a book
  • What to do when you have 80,000 words on paper
  • How Pat used his podcast to validate his book idea
  • The motivation behind Pat's new book
  • Pat's biggest fear about writing (and publishing) a book
  • The pressure that comes when everybody is watching you (and your book launch)
  • The downside of having everybody (my word, not his) love you
  • 5000 people answered Pat's pre-book survey — what did they say?
  • How “4-Hour Workweek” inspired Pat's book
  • An illegal test used by old school direct-marketers that works like gangbusters to see if your business idea is good (don't do it, but use the idea behind it)
  • There are two reasons most entrepreneurs don't have a book — this is the biggest one
  • How to make writing a book as easy as writing a blog post
  • Why Pat doesn't use Scrivener
  • The first thing Pat does when he gets an idea for a book
  • Pros and cons of dictating a book
  • A $3 office supply that will help you organize your book (and simplify your writing process)
  • Pat's 90/10 writing experiment
  • Two books every author must read
  • What great books and great songs have in common
  • The one thing you must know before you start writing your book (it's not what you think)
  • Do you self-edit? A trick to break that habit…
  • Having trouble finding the time to write your book? Try this…
  • The different types of book editors (and which ones you need for your book)
  • Who Pat used to edit his new book
  • Why a book (instead of writing additional blog posts)

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